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Life Enhancement    

 It is a joy to feed a man for the day, but to teach him to fish and feed him for a lifetime is indescribable!

    In Life Enhancement that is exactly what we do through education.

  • · GED (graduation equivalency diploma):  Through the AZTEC software program students take an assessment test to determine strengths and weaknesses.  Instructors guide the students through the software and tutor through difficult areas.  The software gives practice, exercises, explanations and tests.  Upon completion the student is assisted in enrolling for the actual GED test.  Scholarships are provided according to need.
  • · Basic Computer/Intermediate Computer:  This course guides students through discovering the parts of a computer to using Microsoft Office components.  Phase One teaches the basics of Word, Excel and Powerpoint.  Phase Two incorporates practical applications such as resume writing and email usage.
  • · English as a Second Language:  Students from many countries are learning to communicate in English.  Beginning with the basics of greeting, sharing where you are from and what you do, students begin to learn to live in their new environment.
  • · Christian Women’s Job Corps, Inc.:  This is a mentoring program designed to minister to the whole person.  The ladies are taught interview skills, resume writing, dressing for success, interpersonal relationships among other necessary skills.  This is a 12 hour mentoring course.
  • · After School Tutoring:  Tutors work with students on an as needed basis to insure basic concepts are understood.
  • · Home Repair:  Men (and ladies) from the area assist disabled and elderly in small home repair.  This is also an opportunity to instruct younger men in these skills.
  • · Parenting Skills:  Parents are given tips on training children in the way they should go.  Parents learn to take care of themselves while taking care of the children.
  • · Family Budgeting:  One-on-one instruction that takes a look at individual budgets and aids in learning how to direct funds more efficiently.