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The receptionist for Mission Columbus will be the first point of contact for the guest who enters our ministry center. Every guest is to be treated with dignity and respect. They should be greeted with a smile and a genuine concern. The receptionist will be responsible for answering the phone, greeting our guest, handing out proper paperwork, and instructing guest on how to proceed to the waiting room and Needs Assessment area. At times the receptionist will enter a guest’s personal data into the Mission Columbus data base or check data base to see when they were last served.

Needs Assessment and Evangelism Counselor

The Needs Assessment and Evangelism Counselor will gather information from our guest in a secure environment. Ideally this will be in the needs assessment area or an office where the guest ’s privacy can be secured. Information gathered will be entered into our data base for further reference. This person will determine from the information given by the guest, how Mission Columbus can assist them. After physical needs are met and or discussed, the Counselor will make an attempt to share the gospel. If they are listening and God is working, proceed with the gospel. If the guest is not interested, don’t force them to sit through a presentation that will only push them further away.  If they are one step closer to Christ when they leave, we have succeeded.


The Mission Columbus Host is a person who can befriend and assist our guest as they walk through our facility. The host will help with clothing and food selections as our guests are served. Your job is to love our guest and show them Jesus. Our desire is for a Host to accompany each guest through the entire process. There are times when our Host and Needs Assessment counselor will be the same person.

Clothing Sorter

The clothing sorter for Mission Columbus will sort clothing that has been donated to us. We search for holes, missing buttons, stains, and odor. If clothing is to be distributed to our guest, it must meet our standards. We want to give our best to represent Christ and the gifts He has given us. Out of season clothing that is in good condition will be stored for future use. All clothing sorters must be trained adequately before they work alone.

Clothing and Food Distribution

At times when we are too busy, or understaffed, we may enlist one person to oversee a specific area such as clothing or food distribution. Instead of a host serving one family, they may stay in a specific area and serve each family that comes through. Each family is allowed two outfits per person in their home. Exceptions are made for guests that have been burned out, or are victims of a domestic violence situation. The amount of food a family will receive will be determined by the needs assessment counselor and recorded on the guest intake form.

Food Sorter

Food sorting is an extremely important part of Mission Columbus. We do not give away damaged, outdated, spoiled, or contaminated food. All food is to be thoroughly checked before being placed on the shelf for our guest to receive. Individuals seeking to serve in this area most be properly trained before being allowed to serve alone. All items are to be checked in, weighed, and recorded when they arrive.

Follow up visitation

Our goal is to provide an in home visit for every person who visits us. We need volunteers to visit on behalf of Mission Columbus and our house church planting movement and also for our sister churches. We have guests from all over our city that need to be loved, evangelized, discipled, and encouraged. Our guests come from all walks of life and need an opportunity to be placed in a church family that will support them and help them grow.


The volunteers for mapping use our guest registration forms to look up and print directions to our guests’ home. After mapping the address, the directions are stapled to the form and placed in the appropriate box for our church representatives to pick up. When forms are returned, the mapper will enter any needed follow up information in our data base.

All the positions above require specific training. Some of the training is very simple, and some requires more extensive involvement from our staff or other trained volunteers. We welcome you to come and see how God can use you at Mission Columbus Central.